Exmouth is a small country town on the eastern side of the North West Cape, overlooking the Exmouth Gulf. The town was established in 1964 as a base for the Naval Communications Station, Harold E. Holt. In recent times, there has been a great deal of development in the area to cater for the growing tourism needs.

Exmouth is situated, 1,270km north west of Perth, has a beautiful, year-round tropical climate and boasts a host of tourist attractions, particularly catering for people who love the challenge of the outback, the harsh contrast of the land and marine environment, the pristine coastal wilderness and something so utterly unique!

Some of the tourist attractions are the ruggedly spectacular Cape Range National Park; the pristine Ningaloo Marine Park which provides great fishing and diving experiences with breathtaking underwater swimming; opportunities to swim with the Whale Sharks and observe the gigantic Manta Rays as they ‘fly’ through the water. There are beautiful sandy beaches that stretch for miles and spectacular gorges (like mini Grand Canyons!) whilst the Jurabi Turtle program offers opportunities to watch or take part in monitoring the huge, endangered, turtles as they come up the beach to lay their eggs.

There is the recently completed Marina and Ningaloo Novotel Resort for a relaxing interlude. Exmouth is proud of the new “coral reef” air terminus with international airport facilities.